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Many People have come to visit and also to render a helping hand in every way possible. We thank God that a lot of things have been accomplished and everyone has been blessed, both the school and students and volunteers themselves.

They have taught in schools(Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Farm school), worked in gardens, Looked after animals, worked with builders, fed the children and the community, Food planting/gardening, sports, painting cooking working in a clinic.

Other optional off duty responsibilities are: Counseling(for youth and community), music and drama, sports. experiencing the preparation and the cooking of african dishes, milking cows and many others.

Volunteer's Code Of Conduct

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Volunteer's FAQs

  • QUESTION: 1.How long do you usually receive volunteers for?

    ANSWER :->
    (a) We usually receive short time volunteers ranging from a few weeks to a few months say two to three months even four.
    (b)We also usually get volunteers that stay for three months to six months and
    (c) We have ever had volunteers that stayed for one whole year. These came from countries like; UK, USA, Ireland and South Africa.

    QUESTION:2 . How many can you have at a time?
    Molly and Paul Child Care Foundation runs seven schools four of which are primary schools based in Kampala and Masaka . We also have two vocational high schools one in Kampala and the other at Kamuzinda village in Masaka District. Then one Farm/Technical school at Kamuzinda .

    Masaka town is about 80 miles south of Kampala. It takes about 2 hours in a car from Kampala. Kamuzinda is 15 miles from Masaka taking Kyotera/ Bukoba road. You branch off at a trading center called Bukunda.

    We also have six mission/houses/guest homes where we can accommodate our volunteers and visitors at a cost of 15 British pounds or its equivalent per night for bed and breakfast, lunch and supper plus transport costs from the airport on arrival and back to the airport on departure from the following locations of accommodation .

    (a) SHALOM HOUSE in Kampala City at Namasuba has three rooms that can accommodate three couples or 10 singles of the same sex ,or 6 of different sexes by 2 volunteers sharing a room . One big room can accommodate 4 of the same sex.

    (b) CATHERINE HOUSE in Kampala City at Kansanga for WHEELING Primary school has two bed-rooms that can accommodate two couples or four singles of the same sex.

    (c) SHALOM VILLAGE MEDICARE Clinic Guest house in Kampala has two bed -rooms that can accommodate two couples or four singles of the same sex.

    (d) PETER K GAD GUEST ROOM at Kitovu in Masaka has one room that can accommodate one couple or two singles of the same sex.

    (e) CLIFF AND HELEN OLD MISSION HOUSE at Kamuzinda has five rooms that can accommodate five couples or 8 singles.

    (f) PEARL OF AFRICA NEW MISSION HOUSE at Kamuzinda has 9 rooms that can accommodate 9 couples or 20 singles of the same sex.

    QUESTION 3 :What are the ages of most of your volunteers?

    Please refer to our web site at www.ugandachildren.org under VOLUNTEERING and see the FORM that has to be filled by all our intending volunteers and visitors. We also receive families with their children as accompanied minors.

    QUESTION 4 :-I am from Australia, and was wondering if you have ever received someone from here before? Is there someone I could get in contact with?
    This is already partly answered . More can be got from the testimonies from another web site at www.pearlofafrica.org.uk . We shall be more than ready and pleased to supply you with more volunteers addresses if you shall still need more. We receive over 40 volunteers and visitors every year. We expect to receive more than that this year as over 45 shall be arriving from UK in the first week of July 2011 from three schools in Cornwall

    Rosie and her friend Leyna have already been at and visited three of our schools namely;

    1. New Kabaale Busega Primary school and stayed in Shalom Village Medicare Guest room at the clinic
    2. They have visited and worked at Peter K Gad Memorial Primary school at Kitovu near Masaka town. They stayed at the schools guest room at the school.
    3. They have also visited Kamuzinda and seen Nazarene vocation high school headed by Annet Kayigwa – the Principal - who stayed at Rosie's home when our children's choir was in Morpeth recently. They also visted our farm school and the Mission houses where volunteers can stay.

    Hope this has all the answers that you had wanted. Once again we wish to welcome you into our organization as a volunteers. We are yearning to get all sorts of volunteers from all professions ranging from teachers, doctors, nurses. farmers ,sport/athletics, builders, accountants, planners, researchers, instructors, carpenters. Skills development workers. IT/computers trainers, healthy care workers, social workers, attendants/ helpers in homes, schools farm workers, The list can go on !
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    May God bless you

    Yours in Christ,

    Molly and Paul M Wasswa
    A non-profit indigenous,Christian Charitable NGO
    (Registered Charity Number: ( S.5914/481 )
    P.O.Box 31309, KAMPALA - UGANDA ( E.A )
    Fax: 256-41-272996 or Mobile +256-772-408 311
    Email: ngomolly@mollyandpaul.org
    Website: www.ugandachildren.org

    By ministering love in a hurting world. ( James 1:27 )

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Before visiting one of our schools as a vistor or volunteer, you should be aware of the following.

Many People have come to visit and also to render a helping hand in every way possible. We thank God that a lot of things have been accomplished and everyone has been blessed, both the school and students and volunteers themselves.

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